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Rodney Davis Fact-Checked Repeatedly on Pre-Existing Conditions Record Ahead of Tonight's Final Debate


Monday, October 29, 2018

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Over the past two weeks, no fewer than 6 journalists, independent fact-checkers, and outside organizations have examined Congressman Rodney Davis’ record on health care and the consensus is clear: despite what he now says, Davis voted repeatedly to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Some of the recent fact-checks of Davis are listed below:

  1. 10/29: In a must-read story from this morning, the Washington Post called out Davis for “misleading voters about our Obamacare fact checks” during a “public relations exercise” in last week’s debate in Urbana. Davis claimed that the Post gave “four pinocchios” to Democrats for highlighting his record on pre-existing conditions. The Post clarified that never happened and that the bill Davis supported would have “result[ed] in spiraling costs for people with preexisting conditions,” adding:

    • “We asked these lawmakers [including Davis] whether they would be willing to withdraw the citation of the Pinocchios. None agreed to do so. That’s dismaying. These lawmakers have been put on notice that they are peddling a falsehood — and politicians who care about their reputation should acknowledge they made a mistake and offer an apology.

      Instead, they apparently believe it is politically advantageous to continue to deceive the voters in their districts. It is especially galling because many accuse their opponents of spreading lies — and then cry Four Pinocchios. We urge news organizations in the districts to highlight the brazen misappropriation of our fact checks. Sunlight is sometimes the best disinfectant.”

  2. 10/28: News-Gazette columnist Tom Kacich labeled Davis’ statements as “problematic” and “stretching the truth,” after he denied the bill he celebrated on the White House lawn would have weakened protections for people with existing health conditions.

  3. 10/28: Herald & Review reporter Ryan Voyles noted Davis voted for a bill that “would have given states the authority to allow insurers to waive certain protections, specifically one that prevents them from charging higher premiums to those with health issues.”

  4. 10/24: AARP advised their members to hold representatives like Davis accountable for “last year's health care bills would have meant skyrocketing premiums” for people with pre-existing conditions.

  5. 10/23: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board outlined how Davis has been “re-writing history” to mislead voters by claiming he fought for people with pre-existing conditions during the ACA repeal battle. The editorial highlighted how Davis almost never mentioned people with pre-existing conditions in his public statements at the time, raising questions about whether that was really a priority of his.

  6. 10/19: After the Urbana debate, WGLT described Davis’ statement as “misleading” when he said nothing in the GOP healthcare bill would allow insurance companies to deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

Davis also recently admitted Londrigan never met with Mike Madigan about funding for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation, directly contradicting a claim he continues to make in TV ads.

Tonight’s debate at the Normal Theatre will be the fourth and final debate between Londrigan and Davis. Let’s see if the Congressman tries to stretch the truth again, or if he finally comes clean.