Betsy knows that health care is a right, not a privilege. For Betsy, health care reform is extremely personal. She is all too aware how one medical emergency changes people’s lives. Betsy plans to make sure no family loses someone they love because they can’t get to a doctor, can’t afford their doctor’s visit or medicine, or stand to lose everything they’ve worked for due to one medical emergency or chronic illness.

Betsy will work to:

  • Move toward universal health care coverage by stabilizing and expanding upon the Affordable Care Act through legislation like the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Enhancement Act
  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs through various measures, including allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices
  • Support a public option designed to compete with private insurers, help drive down costs, and ensure hospitals can maintain high levels of care, starting with rural communities and small businesses
  • Protect the ACA’s Essential Health Benefits such as ensuring that people with pre-existing conditions can’t be discriminated against
  • Strengthen Medicare for our seniors
  • Ensure access to rural hospitals and expand availability of telehealth services

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