Betsy recognizes that everyone’s lives have been knocked off course by the coronavirus pandemic. She knows our health care, economy and educational system are in dire straits and must work together towards  reopening, rebuilding, and moving forward.

Betsy will work to:

  • Provide working families with ongoing financial assistance for basic needs such as food, health care and housing until they can return to work safely
  • Pay our essential workers the hazard pay they’ve earned by continuing to work on the frontlines during the pandemic 
  • Invest in our human capital including small-business development, job-training programs and partnerships with educational institutions to prepare workers for shifts in the increasingly digital workplace
  • Help state and local governments and hospitals, which have born the brunt of prevention and treatment costs related to the virus,  restore their budgets so they can provide necessary services to residents
  • Support our businesses and schools as they reopen by funding the necessary changes they are making to protect public health
  • Fight inequities in health care, education and employment across racial and socio-economic lines have been highlighted during the pandemic and need to be addressed

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