Betsy understands that systemic racism exists in every corner of America.  She knows we need to rethink our public safety strategies and listen to our Black and Brown communities. Betsy supports serious reform to a clearly broken system and knows we must help local governments ensure their budgets allow for intervention by other professionals, such as those specializing in addiction and mental health services, recognizing that different situations require different interventions.

Betsy will work to:

  • Make federal funding for law enforcement contingent on their implementation of reforms like those aimed at combatting racial profiling and banning the use of chokeholds  
  • Ensure local governments budgets can allow mental health and addiction professionals to team with law enforcement for public safety
  • Protect funding programs for programs like Head Start and ESSA; proactively recruit people of color to the teaching profession; address racial bias in student learning environments
  • Identify and address racial bias and barriers in minority-owned small business development while protecting funding for SBA 8(a) business development
  • Address the ongoing health effects of racial inequality, such as the disproportionate death rate of Black mothers during pregnancy
  • Join with private companies and other organizations to ensure their workforce and membership reflect our communities
  • Decrease the militarization of local police departments

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