Betsy’s roots in the district go back generations and she knows family farms are the backbone of Central Illinois. Her cousins still own and operate their family farm in Niantic, IL where her grandmother grew up and Betsy wants to ensure our family farms are restored to full health so generational farming can continue to grow and prosper.

Betsy will work to:

  • Defend farmers against market loss due to tariffs on soybeans, corn and pork
  • Invest in modern waterways, roads and railway systems to help move products in Illinois more efficiently
  • Preserve the rights of small family farms to protect their livelihoods when standing up to major agricultural corporations
  • Protect crop insurance to keep our farmers growing
  • Connect rural communities to modern technology outlets through increased investments in broadband and wireless communications
  • Expand funding for agricultural technology and business startups
  • Maintain full funding of the Natural Resources Conservation Service to help farmers in Central Illinois improve soil health, build resiliency and promote conservation of land and water

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